Myofunctional stories

Whats yours?

   Are you a mouth breather, have had orthodontic relapse or find that your teeth are constantly shifting? Have you been told that you or your child has tongue thrust and or abnormal swallowing? Do you snore or have TMJ pain? Is your child above 3 years and still sucking their thumb? Have you had speech therapy for years and still think you lisp?

  • Teeth together-touching slightly

  • Lips resting together without strain

  • Tongue to the roof of the mouth during rest and swallowing

  • Breathing through the nose at all times

Just like there is physiotherapy for the rest of the body there is Myo-functional therapy for the mouth.
The mouth is a complex of muscles like any other part of our body which are used to bite, smile, swallow and breathe. For their optimum function, these muscles need to be in complete balance with the teeth. Habits of mouth breathing, open mouth rest posture, abnormal swallowing as well as thumb/finger sucking can displace the balance between these muscles. This results in small jaws with crowded teeth, tongue thrusts while swallowing and/or speech problems etc. Esthetically teeth can be realigned and  brought back into the right spot with braces, but functionally if these habits persist, the chances of relapse are greater. It also takes longer and is more difficult to achieve orthodontic results without addressing the reason as to WHAT caused the crooked teeth to happen in the first place.
Myo-functional Therapy helps with the elimination of oral habits of mouth breathing and finger/ thumb-sucking, as well as the establishment of correct tongue rest posture. It also helps establish the correct pattern of chewing and swallowing by eliminating thrusts.

Practice Areas

Oral Myology Practice Areas


Tongue Thrust Therapy

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Tongue Tie evaluation and referrals

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the nose is the ideal orgn to breahte from. it warms the air, humidifys the air and 


Thumsucking/Finger sucking elemination

is a natural reflex that often begins in the womb and is one of the first coordinated acts a baby can do that brings them comfort and pleasure. As babies grow, they learn a lot about the world around them through sucking, whether that is fingers, clothing or toys. Thumb sucking is a natural tendency for children under the age of 3. However, if the habit persists, it can impact your child’s development by interfering with jaw growth, teeth alignment and the shape of the palate (upper arch) which can affect a healthy airway. 


Swallowing disorders


Muscle function evaluation In relation to TMJ, Sleep Apnea, ADHD, Bedwetting, and other multiple conditions

The ideal posture or position for the tongue is on the roof of the mouth when it is resting.   This position allows for the tongue to correctly support the palate and develop a nice wide upper arch with lots of room for the adult teeth to erupt into.  If a child is constantly sucking their thumb, they are shrinking the palate inward and decreasing the amount of space available in the mouth. This creates airway concerns as well as overlapped and crowded teeth. 


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